Before CoVid19, we were having morning shopfloors and ReKo meetings with our teammates. With CoVid19, we are busy with meetings over Skype and MS Teams. It has become quite difficult to explain the topics that we can quickly explain with face-to-face communication with online communication tools. Previously, we were following the topics on our Shopfloor Boards. Nowadays, we have to follow up with Excel lists. It was difficult to adapt to such a fast process.

With the sponsorship of Mr. Sedat Zeytunlü, our Swarm team, consisting of our teammates from GenY and GenZ generations, voluntarily started working on digital solutions that will make remote work easier. KanBo (Kanban Board) application was preferred to be evaluated in the next pilot phase with various demo studies among many alternatives.

With our team members, we first joined the Kanbo Community group with a Social Intranet in order to use Kanbo more efficiently; we tried to learn all its features by watching training videos. In the pilot phase, our Swarm team for four different teams to follow up shopfloor issues created four boards. In the next step, with the flexibility provided by Kanbo, we designed these boards according to the operational processes of the teams.

At the last stage, we gathered with our Swarm team to collect user feedback, and we learned the points we did not know from each other. (Like writing To-do directly to Kanbo from e-mail.) At the end of the day, we have completed some standardization for groups for maximum usage performance.

We organized general user training for all users. (Our teammates became trainers.) Our Swarm team tried to improve the KanBo usage performance of the teams by answering the questions encountered after use in their own groups.

There are currently 8 active KanBo Boards in our TG / MEA unit, we actively follow and report our Shopfloor, ReKo and Project issues from here. We can quickly follow the issues that need to be followed at different management levels, and we can easily overcome the difficulties we face in working remotely.

We will continue to improve our processes with the positive feedback we receive.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported.

For any questions regarding Kanbo, feel free to ask our Swarm Team!