MB Türk Excellence Oscars Were Nominated

17 nominated projects, that serves the culture and corporate values of our company were evaluated and the 3 excellence Oscar finalists were nominated in Mercedes Benz Türk.

The best project is “Plastic Free Mercedes”, the second finalist is “Hoşdere Solar Power Plant” and the third finalist is the “Driverless Material Transfer with Autonomous Vehicles”, which was implemented by the Manufacturing Engineering Aksaray.

AGV transport systems, which have become more important with smart factories and wide-scale automation process, play an important role in reducing costs and increasing productivity. This new AGV’s have no more guiding lines on the floor and use a traffic management system, which enables a great variety of functions and flexibility as described below:

  • Display all AGV status with speed (cm/s), Command, Alarm, Location etc.
  • Color labeled graphic user interface
  • Display AGV alarm history log
  • Real time route implementation by remote software control
  • Setting priority of AGV
  • Authorize AGV to pass intersection
  • Wi-Fi based remote command such as start, stop, reset, AGV call function etc.
  • Route program function edit and select
  • System access possibilities from any device like PC, iPad, Smart Phone