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  • Work experience
  • May 2014 - Current

    IEEE Çukurova Student Branch

    Chairman in Çukurova University, Adana, TR

    I am Chairman of IEEE Çukurova Student Branch which have 6 board of directors, 35 administrative boards and 300 active members.

    We organized two techical trips to the industry's leading companies in Turkey. There were 100 students attented these trips.

    • Gemaoil, Adana - November 2014
    • ISKEN Sugözü Termal Power Plant - Adana - November 2014
    • Şişecam Soda Sanayi - Mersin - December 2014

    We organized a special event for people who are interested in both software and technology named Software and Technology Summit. Approximately a thousand people attended in two days. Participants; IMECE Studios, Microsoft, Turkish Linux Users Association (Linux Kullanıcıları Dernegi, LKD), BilgeAdam, Turkey Java User Group (JUG), Oracle, Turkcell & Superonline, IBM, Sentio Sports Analytics, Defnet.

    We've organized and participated in a course about the basics of arduino development with Research Assist. Ahmet Aydın who took part in the course as a lecturer. Approx. 50 attendees.

    We've organized and attended a workshop about how to write our rst android application with using Java. Participant: Turkcell (Gelecegi Yazanlar Android Development Team)

  • July 2014 - September 2014 (3 Months)

    Silsan Silindir ve Motor Elemanları A.Ş.

    Trainee in Adana, TR

    Silsan was founded by Bacaksızlar Family in 1975.Foundry started casting cylinder lines with cupola furnace with sand castings.Quality management system was revised and was certied by according to ISO9001:2008.Silsan sales distribution pie contains %92 of export and %8 of domestic.Most of the products are sended to the Europe. Silsan manufactures three types of cylinder liner types which are marine,wet type and compressor type.

    Foundry in Silsan has a area of 2100 m^2,50 employees,3 metallurgical engineers,two induction melting furnace systems with 70 tons/day melting capacity,37 c.c machines with max capacity of 3500 kg.Materials which will be produced in foundry is bainitic structure and its strength is up to 450 N/mm^2.Laboratory contains hardness,microstructure and chemical analysis capability.

    It was my first trainee about mechanical engineering. I observed all process (Electric Arc Furnace, Centrifugal Casting, Manual & CNC Machining, Heat Treatment, Quality Control, Maintenance, Production Planning). Also I worked on time eciency, improving quality at casting and machining processes.

  • November 2013 - November 2014 (1 Year)

    Adena Risk

    IT Advisor in Adana, TR

    Adena Risk Expertise was inaugurated in April 2012. I am Information Technologies Director and I am responsible for oce computers, servers, network, websites, social media pages etc. I give new ideas about information technologies for developing of the quality of the work.

  • November 2013 - May 2014 (1 Year)

    IEEE Çukurova Student Branch

    Vice Chairman in Çukurova University, Adana, TR

    I am Vice Chairman of IEEE Çukurova Student Branch. I am responsible for domestic relations. (Members, Organizations in Çukurova University etc.)

    I am Media and Advertising team leader. I designed all advertising activities of events. Also I am Technical Trip Team leader. I organized ve trips to the industry's leading companies in Turkey. There were 350 students attented these trips.

    • PepsiCO, Adana - November 2013
    • Mercedes Benz - Türk, Aksaray - December 2013
    • Bossa IV, Adana - February 2014
    • Aselsan - Macunköy - April 2014
    • Hidromek - April 2014
    • Tosçelik - Osmaniye - May 2014
    • ISDEMIR - May 2014

    Career Days have been organized by IEEE Çukurova Student Branch for 6 years. This year Deloitte, Akınsoft, Şişecam, KOSGEB, Sunar Group, ÇimSA, EnerjiSA, Aselsan, Eczacıbaşı joined this event and share important points with participants. I was a coordinator of that event. So I earned new skills like communication, emergency problem resolution, organization etc.

  • October 2012 - Current

    Jetoon Concept

    E-Commerce & Social Media Director in Adana, TR

    Jetoon Concept is a company which sales and designes tshirt and sweatshirt for all kind of people. I'm responsible of Social Media, E-Commerce and Advertising at that company. I manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare pages. Also I prepare new campaign ideas to increase the rate of sales. I designed E-Commerce, Blog and Promotion web sites. In addition I follow the most popular sales and fashion websites to improve myself about giving new ideas.

  • November 2012 - May 2013 (1 Year)

    IEEE Çukurova Student Branch

    Finance Director in Çukurova University, Adana, TR

    I was a board member of IEEE Çukurova Student Branch. I was responsible for Finance Director. I checked of all income and expenses and gave regular reports every month to Board of Directors.

    I was Media and Advertising team leader. I managed all advertising activities of events. I improved myself about the leadership and I helped for my team to improve theirselves about advertising, social media and using design applications (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrators, Corel Draw) etc..

    Also I was Technical Trip Team leader. I organized ve trips to the industry's leading companies in Turkey. There were 350 students attented these trips.

    • TEMSA Global, Adana - October 2012
    • Efes Pilsen, Adana - November 2012
    • ISDEMIR, Iskenderun - December 2012
    • IBC Solar, Konya - April 2013
    • Coca Cola, Mersin - May 2013

    I was a member of Career Days’13 Coordination Team. It was organized at 19-20 Mach 2013 at Çukurova Üniversitesi Mithat Özsan Amsi by IEEE Çukurova Student Branch. Vodafone, Anadolu Efes, Kariyer.net, Yandex, ekerbank joined this event and share important points with participants.

  • November 2011 - May 2012 (7 Months)

    IEEE Çukurova Student Branch

    Graphic Designer in Çukurova University, Adana, TR

    I was a member of advertising team. I designed all advertising materials like posters, web site etc. Also I was a member of coordination team of Careet Days’12. Mercedes-Benz Türk, PepsiCO, Türk Traktör, Koç Holding, Bayer, Adana OSB, secretcv.com, DENTAŞ joined this event and share important points with participants. We organized “Leadership and Entrepreneurship Camps” and learned important informations and gained skills about that.

  • March 2011 - May 2012 (1 Year, 3 Months)

    Ebrar Medya

    Sales Manager & Graphic Designer in Adana, TR

    Ebrar Medya was a advertising agency. I worked a month as a oce manager and I started to design newspaper (Zaman, Posta, Sabah, Fanatik Newspapers etc.) advertising. I also visited companies which were in Osmaniye, Hatay, Gaziantep like as salesman. It was my rst job experience.

  • Education
  • September 2011 - June 2016

    BSc. Mechanical Engineering

    Çukurova University in Adana, TURKEY

  • September 2007 - June 2011

    High School

    Mehmet Özöncel Anadolu Lisesi in Adana, TURKEY

  • September 2000 - June 2007

    Elementary School

    Ögretmen Ayfer Dogruol Ilkögretim Okulu in Adana, TURKEY

  • Professional skills
  • SolidWorks75%

  • AutoCAD85%

  • Microsoft Office95%

  • Adobe Photoshop95%

  • Adobe Illustrator85%

  • Adobe Photoshop95%

  • Corel Draw65%

  • Wordpress95%

  • Social Media95%

  • Arduino35%

  • Personal skills
  • Creativity Social skills Leadership
  • Interests
  • Technology & Science

    I follow recent technological and scientific news, also read different journals and articles about that subjects.

  • Photography

    I take nature and portrait photos as a professional, and I share at my social media pages.

  • Contact
  • Address

    Çukurova University, Mechanical Engineering Department, Balcalı, Adana, TURKEY


    +90 539 929 93 01



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